Natural Kitchen Cleansing Tips for your lungs

At this time, everyone knows that you need to have a strong immune system. It’s not enough to just build up your immune system. The lungs, which are the main source of germs, also need to be kept clean and healthy. Therefore, for food fans, we present the knowledge that can cleanse the lungs with the products available in the kitchen at home.

1. Turmeric powder

Turmeric powder has anti-inflammatory properties. So, whether you drink turmeric powder or not. Add a little more to your diet. When mixed with honey or olive oil, it can cleanse the throat as well as the lungs.

2. Green tea kettle

Green tea is a well-known and popular natural cleanser for the lungs. Frequent coughing; Flatulence is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. Make hot tea in the morning or evening. If taken frequently, it can cleanse the lungs and prevent chronic lung disease.

3. Hot oil

Drinking hot tea in a teapot is an ancient treatment. If you drink hot water in hot water, you can relieve mucus and sore throat, prevent infections in the lungs and cleanse the lungs.
4. Chin decoction

Chin is the best food for internal inflammation. If you drink Chin decoction, you will be able to remove impurities from the lungs and clear the bacteria and cells that can cause lung cancer.
5. garlic

Garlic can also be used to cleanse the lungs by eating it often or as a snack. Garlic is not just for the lungs. It can also relieve sore throat and help prevent lung cancer.

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