Characteristics of people who prefer to be alone.

There are some who are lonely, but some prefer to be alone. Some do not even know they like being alone. People who like to be alone have these habits.

1.Do not want to talk to many people.
They can be awkward for chating in group chat and talking to many people in public. In fact they do not like it when they have to talk to so many people.

2.Do not prefer to go the crowded places.
They are more preferring quiet place than crowded places. They tend to stay away from crowded places but they have to be, they stay for a short time.

3.Do not want to talk on the phone.
They do not want to listen to other people. They hate talking on the phone. So they rarely talk on the phone.

4.Do not prefer for strangers approach.
They do not like new people. They do not want newcomers to approach them and make friends with them. As a result, they often avoid making new friend.

5.Hurt to someone by talking.
They do not talk much. They also say things that may hurt to others. Sometimes they just do not want to talk to people and even they have to , it may hurt to others.

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