Farmers face difficulities after trading in thanakha in ayeyarwaddy region.

In the second wave of Covid 19, farmers in thanakha, ayeyarwaddy region, have stopped trading, said U Kyaw Moe, chairman of the Myanmar thanakha association.During the covid 19 period, it was difficult to transport goods; pagodas in big cities are closed and thanakha shops in pagoda market are closed.

Thanakha shop have been closed in development markets and twelve vendors have not been sold at festivals.A thanakha farmer in ayeyarwaddy region said, “covid is having a hard time this year”. During the raining season, peanuts and sesame planted among thanakha tree were also damaged.

Farmers can no longer earn income from crops. Due to the current drought, sesame was not planted in September due to lack of rain. It is the most difficult year for farmers, he said that.
He said that suspension of the thanakha trade had left not only thanakha farm owners but also farm workers unemployed.

According to the thanakha shop owner in ayeyarwaddy region, the price of a thanakha is between 5,000 to 10,000 kyats , depending on the size and quality of the plant. But no thanakha traders came to buy it in October.

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