What if you and your crush were the only ones left in the world?

If you wake up one morning you will find that no one is home. You may be wondering if the people at home go to work early or want to surprise you. But I definitely feel an extraordinary silence. When you look out the window, you see that something is really wrong. of course. You are the only one alive in the environment except the animals.

Then the first thing you should do is turn on the internet. You try to find out if you have any news on the social network. Due to Day 1, some servers will not crash yet. But you can see that all the users are silent, but one strange account is active: it is your crush. Normally you would sit and watch his account go green without saying a word, but when all these people were gone, you could not think of anything else to talk to him about.

Even if you used to go and talk, the crush that will not show your thumbs for years will now definitely come to your appointment. But do not overreact. He does not want to see you. Because he was so scared.
So you see. You tell him to calm down. She was crying because she was worried about her boyfriend. Now there is nothing between you. (There is no law anymore) What are you going to do?
Leave it. Hold the urge to dive into the crush chest for a moment.
Because you have more important things to do. What are they?

(1) Food

There is no girl in the world who does not like food. And the food will be out in a few days. So first ask what you want to eat the crush. You can have as much Malashan as you like at your favorite restaurant. But it will not last long. So choose the best restaurant and go as soon as possible.

(2) Fuel / Electricity

For those of you who can’t afford to buy a good race bike, you may think you can drive the crush wherever you want to go. But the fuel in the cars on the road will not be usable for the next two years. So it is best to look for a fuel source. And crush to take regular selfies. You need electricity to keep everything running smoothly. So as much as possible, do not waste electricity. Power plants will not last long without the leadership of the people who are keeping them running smoothly.

(3) Safe House

Buildings and homes that do not need regular maintenance will decompose in a few years. So try to stay in a good hotel. But the beasts of the wild will come to the deserted streets. You will need a safe place to protect yourself from weather and natural disasters. If you are afraid of cockroaches, do not imagine defending the crush with a gun like in the movies. The worst are the nuclear power plants. There are now more than 400 nuclear power plants in the world. If the automation systems of these factories were destroyed without human control, the world would immediately be in a state of flux. So do not leave it without foam. Find a really safe house.

(4) Get Smart!

You can not depend on the food in the store for the rest of your life. I have to do farming myself. If necessary, hunt. You also have to be able to fish. You need to learn the skills needed to survive. There is no one to teach you these things, so you have to learn from the books. of course. Read more Sit smartly in front of a crush who used to play games and think you have no other muscles. While reading the book, show “Smart is Sexy”.

(5) Water

It is true that “the most important thing in life is you.” But even parents have to rely on “water”. Water is needed everywhere. The main thing is drinking water. Therefore, a source of clean water is essential for “one day when the seawater runs out” and not “one day when the seawater runs out”.If you’re able to do these things, then Crush will be you for what it is.

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